The music room is here because this house is large enough to have one. I took advantage of it as a kid. The most notorious protagonist here is the piano, but other instruments adorn the wall.

My first standard interactive fiction (text game that takes typed commands as input), created for the Klik of the Month. Powered by Inform 7; fueled by my general opinion on IF.

Play Anything on the web (via Parchment; or download the z-code file, if you have an interpreter)

Colorful new front page.

I wanted to highlight some new stuff on the front page, but ended up redesigning it. I like this new version much better than the last one, even though it’s just a retool gone a bit out of hand. Other than still featuring Cleo, it includes a favorite feature of mine: random colors. Another ‘feature’: it doesn’t work properly in IE.

As always, the previous design has been archived.


I’ve made a thing for an event that Stephen Lavelle describes as a ‘pageant’ —a competition sans the competitive aspect—, with the theme ‘bricolage’. (I made a promotional picture for the event, too.)

The thing I made is called Wirewalk. It’s something that, I feel, is best not to describe. Just try it and see if you like it—shouldn’t take you over a couple of minutes.

Wirewalk (Flash)


She’s so beautiful. Pale skin, dark hair, green eyes. The curves in her body send me spinning. Can’t believe she’s here in bed with me, tonight. She has her eyes fixed on mine. She’s shy under the covers, but her look speaks of a contained lust. Now, what I should do is…

Like last month, this klik was made with the aid of Twine. This one is much more solid, with the cost of being less interesting.

Play Gently in your browser (warning: contains sexually explicit descriptions)

That place, again.

I decided to make a new video, as an exercise. A quickie—took me two days. Another music video, but this one is for a song I made myself a good while ago, together with Matt Peter.

I used a few family photos from the late eighties, playing up their graininess and color patterns. Their texture made for a much less mechanic-looking set of kaleidoscopic compositions than what is probably the norm. It was also my intention to play with alternately obscuring and revealing the nature of the images, hiding them in the geometry, and slowly giving way to recognizable objects and people. The middle section is intentionally psychedelic, switching to meet the mood of the music. Toward the end it’s much more of a nostalgic slide-show of memories.


There’s a way to find things you’ve lost recently. You have to concentrate and retrace your every step, remember where you were at each time and what you did then. That technique might also work to recover a lost memory.

I could finally join another Klik of the Month Klub! Tried using Twine for the first time; it’s a tool for making ‘interactive stories’ (text games).

Play Within in your browser

Don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t work properly—I just didn’t exactly test it thoroughly. Also, a warning: it’s not very good.

Lican Ray.

For a few days around Christmas, I went to Lican Ray, a small lake town toward the south of Chile. This is the place I used to spend my summers at with my cousins and my grandmother, back a good few years. This summer it was my first time there in a while, so I decided to make a video, also taking the chance to use my new Zoom H2 to capture the environmental sounds. The video was composed out of sequences of photos, whose resolution made it possible to make it my first HD video. I attempted a sort of time capsule, showing the things that have changed in Lican Ray, and that will definitely change in the future.

Cookbook for children.


I can now hold in my hands the physical result of half a year of work, the freshly printed book for children called Jugosa cocina para niños (juicy cooking for kids) that, in addition to containing plenty of recipes meant for them to prepare by themselves (with an adult’s helping hand), includes all sorts of trivia about ingredients and the culinary art, and which, the author says, is meant to help the children recognize the value in the food that they eat, think about nutrition, and put their creativity into practice. It was a fun project, in which I was involved as an art director and layout designer.

Jugosa Cocina para Niños cover



Climbrunner screenshot

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this weekend’s Ludum Dare, as it had been too long since I last made (and released) a game. This time I didn’t make a fancy timelapse video or anything like, but I did spend some time on Friday learning to use the beautiful Flixel, and then the weekend bending it to my nonstandard needs. The result is a game, unlike last time, though not exactly what I set out to do. Still, it’s playable. And it fits the ‘exploration’ theme.

Original climbrunner animation

I made this animated GIF over a year ago, thinking of an idea for a game I envisioned for the Game Boy Advance. This game was to be a bichrome, Knytt-inspired platformer. I decided to reuse the core of this idea: that is, the running on walls and ceilings, and a tad more. It was simplified to the essence, though: the little guy won’t stop running, so all you can do is jump in order to steer him where you want to go. It feels a bit like controlling a jumping, sticky train.

Play Climbrunner (Flash)

This time around I didn’t neglect to provide the source code.