This month I made a kind of klik that took advantage of the foundations laid out in Wirewalk, Prosopamnesia, and other unreleased experiments also dealing with image searches. This made it so easy to make, that I achieved my initial concept within the first hour. This first idea involved no interactions, so I used the following hour (of two that the monthly event lasts) to add that layer of interactivity.

Deconstructivism (Flash)

You may leave it untouched and it will ‘play itself’. Or you may click and flick on the image displayed to alter it manually. If it takes too long to load, or if you want a new picture, refresh the page.


After Wirewalk, I felt inspired to do more work using images acquired through web searches. Yes, I failed to mention it when I released that one, but the images are obtained at run-time through Google Images. I’m rather proud of this particular result:

Prosopamnesia (Flash)

It was made for The Games Collective negative capability pageant. For sound, I used the port of DrPetter’s sfxr to AS3, by Thomas Vian. Also used the Google API AS3 library by Joris Timmerman, as for Wirewalk.


The music room is here because this house is large enough to have one. I took advantage of it as a kid. The most notorious protagonist here is the piano, but other instruments adorn the wall.

My first standard interactive fiction (text game that takes typed commands as input), created for the Klik of the Month. Powered by Inform 7; fueled by my general opinion on IF.

Play Anything on the web (via Parchment; or download the z-code file, if you have an interpreter)

Colorful new front page.

I wanted to highlight some new stuff on the front page, but ended up redesigning it. I like this new version much better than the last one, even though it’s just a retool gone a bit out of hand. Other than still featuring Cleo, it includes a favorite feature of mine: random colors. Another ‘feature’: it doesn’t work properly in IE.

As always, the previous design has been archived.


I’ve made a thing for an event that Stephen Lavelle describes as a ‘pageant’ —a competition sans the competitive aspect—, with the theme ‘bricolage’. (I made a promotional picture for the event, too.)

The thing I made is called Wirewalk. It’s something that, I feel, is best not to describe. Just try it and see if you like it—shouldn’t take you over a couple of minutes.

Wirewalk (Flash)


She’s so beautiful. Pale skin, dark hair, green eyes. The curves in her body send me spinning. Can’t believe she’s here in bed with me, tonight. She has her eyes fixed on mine. She’s shy under the covers, but her look speaks of a contained lust. Now, what I should do is…

Like last month, this klik was made with the aid of Twine. This one is much more solid, with the cost of being less interesting.

Play Gently in your browser (warning: contains sexually explicit descriptions)