The surrealistic title for this game has two reasons: one, all three words are words you may encounter in-game; and, two, the game features frogs drinking faces.

This was a lax collaboration that involved me doing the game design and coding and three girls from my family (including my 5-year-old sister) preparing the art assets and coming up with English words of five-non-repeating-letters. Worked on at odd intervals throughout the 2012-in-One Glorious Developers Konference Kollection Pirake Kart weekend, for submission into it.

Play Frogs Drink Faces (Flash)

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do, here’s how you play it. The letters on the frogs’ backs correspond to keys on your keyboard. Press a key and the frog will lash its tongue upward to meet any face in its way. Drink the angry, evil faces and spare the smiling, innocent ones (that’s how you deal with my sister). Every few seconds, faces will start falling a bit faster, frog letter labels will be removed, and a pair of frogs may get swapped (but their associated letters remain). In short, what started out as a CREAM arrangement of frogs will turn to CAERM, to CMERA, to EMCRA, and so on, making it harder to keep track of what the effect of pressing a key will do. Until you lose and get laughed at by my sister. Enjoy.