Another arbitrary span of time, another game. I can’t really explain much about this one.

Play Intervalo… (Flash)

Este es, creo, el primero de mis juegos que contiene una (relativa) gran cantidad de español. Por lo común los hago en inglés por razones de audiencia y de los círculos que frecuento. Desde hace un tiempo que quería hacer uno bilingüe, para jugar con las intersecciones y exclusiones que se producen entre grupos culturales diferenciados por su lengua, y ahora lo hice.


Noyb, on .

It worked for me personally, since the Spanish text went beyond my meager comprehension at the same time as the patterns got really fun to play with, which gave me good incentive to pass over the dialogue. Gave a good sense that the player as psychologist was spacing out and doodling on his notepad instead of paying attention to his patient’s story of emotional displacement and lack of empathy.

Alvaro G (link), on .

I liked a lot the ideas, (specially the first one).
Personally, I have thought most of them (mostly when i was a teenager, an arrogant and depressed one, but no more =D)

The draws and their mechanics makes me express the anger or the feeling i’m having while thinking each idea.
(maybe, some more than others) but i believe i got the idea.

Great work!

Sigue construyendo tu sello y estilo.
(ojala seas como Cactus, pero chileno. Espero que no te moleste mi comentario)

agj, on .

No soy capaz de llegarle a los talones a cactus, ¡lo siento!