Allegr screenshot

Sort of a Towlr-like game, created for this month’s Klik. The twist comes at the end. You’ll need to play it more than once to “get” it, though.

Download Allegr (Windows; requires updated DirectX)

It was hard making this one. Or, rather, it was disappointing. It took me an hour an a half to realize that my approach was not facilitated by the software, so I ended up having to patch it up and turn it into a much simplified version of what I had envisioned.


agj (link), on .

The gameplay was going to involve matching pieces that were at different depths. The actual mechanic was the same, of using the mouse to ‘look around’. More in the vein of Towlr, mistakes would have meant having to restart the process. Basically, it would’ve been more interesting to look at, and possibly to play. The endings were supposed to be much more elaborate, as well.