A few months ago, as I was waking up, and while I was halfway between being asleep and awake, I had this dream/idea for a game. When I woke up properly, I wrote it down in my sketchbook. And only a few hours ago, for this month’s Klik, I made it concrete.

The Tomb screenshot

Download The Tomb (Windows, requires the latest DirectX)

Construct and NitroTracker were the tools used this time around. I sampled my voice for the sounds.


Chris B, on .

agj wrote about Colormatch: “the ultimate twitch-reflex action, color-based game. Yes, it’s that bad.”

Do you think that your second kotm entry is a better game?

Chris B, on .

Oh wait, I see you actually participated way more than two times already. Anyway, do you think The Tomb is a better game than Colormatch?

agj (link), on .

I do. You most likely have not seen everything there is to see in this game, to begin with. That’s my fault, as in my ‘dream’ the idea was much more evident. Had I had the time to playtest this and then fix it during the KOTM, I would have.