Monkey games

In 2006, for my workshop course in that year’s first semester, I created a graphic work that ironized technology and how the Monkey King (humanity) wreaks havoc on Earth through its lack of restraint and its egocentrism. The next semester I was to base an animation on that work.

This was a semester-long project (it kind of doesn’t show, due to a long preliminary process) for Sebastián Skoknic and Bryan Phillips’s course. Other than being my longest animation since, it marks the first time I ever did anything resembling sound design; I even splashed a bit in the tub to get some water sounds. The most interesting part was using the Game Boy Camera (thus the Game Boy sound hardware) for the electronic noise, which I think worked very well.

The subject of this piece remains the same as the one it’s based on, though I didn’t make any specific references to video games this once, just computers.


0rel, on .

nice! i like it.

the disturbing “progress” of the human animal is beating me down as well, day by day. but i’m one of these monkeys too… and even one of those who uses new machinery very extensively. computers… kind of paradox :(. but i’m still thinking that it is the best way to “play”, and experiment, and not to deny. defeating the enemy with its own “weapons”, in some way. (might be a weak excuse though…)

besides all my gray negativity, i really enjoyed the colorful graphical experiments, though. :)

but the theme is almost a bit cliché and it seems like nobody wants to hear about it again, nor even really change something about it. sad, because, in my eyes, it has still highest priority… it seems like the human race behaves more like a primitive dog with extended brain power, than a monkey… brains to feed all their holes, in the first place. …and we call it progress… monkeys would be much to relaxed, and smart to do that.
just my 2 cents.

agj (link), on .

I know what you mean. I also feel the same contradiction. I like to think that one day, when I move on to live by myself and all, I’ll take some serious steps toward living in a better, more harmonious way. For now, what I mostly focus on is not being wasteful. The contradiction will still probably be there by then, though.

0rel, on .

that’s exactly what i’m trying too…
consuming less. producing/supporting less.
the only way i’m feeling capable of at this point. :|