What you see above is my computer screen during the past weekend (each hour reduced to 2.5 seconds), as I make two games for two events that were held concurrently. One is a competition called Ludum Dare, on which, during the 48 hours of its duration, participants are expected to create a game by themselves and ‘from scratch’. The week prior, participants vote on a theme. ‘Advancing wall of doom’ won this time, which is not one I’m too fond of, but I did participate and make a game. Or two, in fact, because for the other event, my usual two-hour Klik of the Month, I made a game based on the same theme.

Heart is the name of my Ludum Dare entry. The game is not final, and neither is the name, so let’s say it’s the competition version’s name. It was inspired by Stephen Lavelle’s Defect. It was made for Flash, using the Flex SDK and coded in Actionscript 3. I’ll probably post more about it in the future, when I decide that the game is finished.

Hope! is what I called my Klik of the Month. It was made in Construct, so it’s Windows only. You will need the latest DirectX to run it.


stephen (link), on .

i really liked the tiltedness + the crawling :)

there are a couple of very minor things that i won’t comment about because they’re minor.

anyway, yep, i think i was affected by the oppressiveness of it :)

agj (link), on .

I’m glad you liked it, given that it was inspired by one of your games, hah!

Do tell me about those details if you can, okay? I want to improve what I have and get a polished final version.

increpare (link), on .

interlude text should probably not be selectable

also: pressing a button or something to be able to skip past them might be nice…i personally felt quite anxious to skip past them more quickly than they would let me. but if this be what you want, fine by me.

agj (link), on .

Great, thanks! I already fixed the selectable text problem, at least, but haven’t uploaded it yet.